How To Ask The Right Questions Before You List Again! 
Interview With Confidence...
Make A Choice That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster And... For More Money!

     Your listing has expired and now you’re wondering what to do.  The most important question you must ask is, “where did I go wrong?”  The answer is not usually within you, but with the agent you entrusted.  Be prepared with the right information so you can interview your prospective agent with confidence and assure you make the right choice this time.

     With hundreds or even thousands of dollars at stake and weeks of time invested don’t risk making the same mistake twice.  Make sure your next agent is eminently qualified to sell your home.  Don’t risk this decision out of obligation to a friend, family member or acquaintance.  Your listing has expired and it’s easy to develop the identity of having a problem property in the market place.  So... it’s vitally important to choose the right agent this time around.

     Typically, most people will ask business associates, family or friends to recommend someone who they’ve had good luck with... someone they can trust.  Other sellers will watch neighborhood real estate signs to see who is listing many of the homes.  Still others rely upon the reputation of the major national franchise companies.  Then, of course, there’s always Google.  All of these methods could prove to be a disaster!

Trust Your Instincts First!

     When selecting an agent, he or she should be someone you feel good about, someone you’re willing to trust with one of the biggest financial transactions you may ever engage in.  This email is designed to empower you with the information necessary to make the right decision before you  arrive at the place where you’re ready to sign on the dotted line again.  Don’t allow the prospective agent to dictate your time table.  If an agent is impatient you should consider them automatically suspect... be careful.  Make certain the agent you hire next is a full time professional!  Call them in the early evening or on a weekend and listen to what their voice mail recording says.  Are they working from Monday through Friday 9 to 5?  Who will be there to accept an offer that may come in on Saturday night at 9pm?  If you’re given 24 hours to respond, that offer can expire before you ever receive it!

Do Your Homework!

     Know The Company’s Reputation - Ask your business associates, family and friends about the company or agent and listen carefully for the very first thing they say.  A company has a reputation in the community... listen closely for it!

     Call The Real Estate Commission - Call and ask about consumer complaints.  Be sure and take note of the number and nature but don’t base your entire decision on this information.  In a slow or declining market agents will get more complaints because the sellers are frustrated that their home isn’t moving and they want someone to blame when it’s simply poor market conditions... so always allow your prospective agent to explain any complaints and if their response seems reasonable take that into consideration.  One other note, if an agent does a large number of transactions per year they will naturally be exposed to the potential for more of these kinds of comments... if an agent isn’t doing anything they obviously won’t generate a complaint.

     Call The Better Business Bureau - See if the agent has had any bad dealings with his or her customers.

     Ask For A Record Of The Agent’s Marketing Innovations - How are they dealing with the current market conditions?  Is there a plan to beef up their advertising and marketing efforts to benefit the seller?  Residential real estate has a long history of economic cycles.  The market is either hot, improving, static or declining, and with each cycle there has to be a plan to cope with the current market.

Final Questions

     Ask For A Detailed Marketing Plan - A step by step plan of the first four weeks, eight weeks and twelve weeks your home will be on the market.  Make sure your agent is utilizing the latest innovative technologies for generating sales leads... there are ways to, literally, generate leads 24 hours a day!  These new marketing tools will help sell your home faster and for more money!

     Define Planning Times - Establish a time with your agent to go over the marketing results within the first 15 days.  Ask for all showings and feedback from other agents.  Help the agent understand that any news is good even if it’s bad because it helps you make adjustments in your marketing plan.

     If you follow these suggestions, you’ll most likely avoid the mistakes of the past.  Make sure you’re dealing with a competent professional... making the right choice is worth thousands of dollars and a great sense of “peace of mind”.

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